Landerson Offshore Bank Money Transfer The Netherlands

At Landerson-Offshore-Bank we know what our customers value. Many years of experience have made us aware of your needs.

Years of money transfer experience!

Our goal is to offer you a quick, reliable and incredibly cheap money transfer service.

We offer you our services in offices all over the Netherlands, that will answer to your needs with qualified professionals ready to help you You are our most important asset!

Founder and Principal
Landerson Offshore Bank was founded in 2016 in Netherlands, upon authorization of the (Commission Banca ire, Financier et des Assurances), as a money transfer operator.
Samantha Jonesen
Project Manager
We developed a network of over 32 countries, hundreds of international partners, and over 1.000 payout locations, establishing a firm position among the market leaders in the global remittance market.t.
Trevor Sinclaire
VP Accounts

.The management team is supported by the following departments: Finance & Treasury, IT,
Compliance, Investigations & Customer Support, Marketing, Business Development.

Kim Baileye
VP Marketing
Landerson Offshore Bank offers a network consisting of its own offices in Europe and Africa, delegate agents offering the Landerson branded transfer services along with their principal commercial activities, as well as partner institutions. Together these partners build a network of over 1.000 payout locations in 32 countries.
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